Crew project work

I did the colouring on these shots for Alex Beadle's film The Boar really enjoyed working on his project and feel that it gave me more confidence in using 2D animation softwaire. i really enjoy colour work as it really bring the animation to life.


bit of life drawing had a damn god time just drawing my friends and classmates and such

BOTTLE: conceptart.

more concept work with the square format and working with warped perspective. loveinghow the style is coming together. also experimenting with how bottles warp images.

BOTTLE: concept shot

concept shot, really like the idea of having in a square frame so the audience is watching it through something, coupled with the fish eye lenses i think i will give a feeling of distence and almost voyerism mirroring how the boat maker watches the world he has inadvertently made.

BOTTLE: the fisherman

the last of my bottle people is wei wei a chines fisherman who fished with how trained Cormerant, ( a bird used to fish for fisherman). this storry will be about the companionship bitwean him and his bird.

BOTTLE: the old coupe

the only one we see of this arguing double act, his wife we only hear shouting from below deck. although they allway bicker when it comes down to it they are there for each other.

iv decided i want each bottle to show the boat maker what he is missing out on in the way of companionship.

BOTTLE: the pirate

one of the bottle storys he will ether be a mad pirate on the verge of be over thrown by his mutinous crew, OR a insecure pirate called Colin whos crew pretend he is scary to make him feel better.